Assessment of Milk Production and Resilience of Girolando Cattle, Reared in Semi-Improved Breeding System in Benin 

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S. K. Kassa C. F. A. Salifou G. K. Dayo S. Ahounou O. I. Dotché T. M. Issifou I. Houaga G. B. Koutinhouin G. A. Mensah V. Yapi-Gnaoré A. K. I. Youssao


Girolando cattle breed was introduced in Benin in order to raise the level of national milk production. In order to assess the level of adaptation of these animals after a decade of breeding, this study aimed to evaluate the production of milk and resilience of these cattle in breeding farm of Kpinnou in Benin. Data were collected on 107 Girolando cattle including 34 cows. These animals were reared in a semi-improved breeding system based on the use of natural and cultivated pastures as well as an intake of food supplements. The Girolando cows produced 1485.19 liters of milk over 11-month collection period resulting in 4.82 liters of daily milk which represents 49.91% of the total daily production. During this period, the lactation increased depending on weeks with a peak (5.92 liters/day) in the 20th week. The effect of calving season was observed on the daily milk production (p < 0.05). The average milk collected was 5.32 liters/day for cows that calved during the big rainy season, 4.72 liters/day for cows that had parturition in the long dry season and 4.31 liters/day for those calved in short rainy season. Moreover, Kpinnou’s breeding farm is facing various diseases and particularly the permanent cattle infestation by ticks, which limit the milk production. Faced this situation, commercial dust mite killers are used against ticks. Antibiotics (Oxytetracycline, Peni-procaine) are administered to cattle in cases of mastitis or lumpy skin etc. Due to the high cost and the dubious efficacy of these veterinary products in addition to the probable deposits of drug residues in milk, the use of medicinal plants would be an alternative to explore. In addition, knowledge of the effect of the season will help to partially improve milk production of Girolando cow in breeding farm of Kpinnou.

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KASSA, S. K. et al. Assessment of Milk Production and Resilience of Girolando Cattle, Reared in Semi-Improved Breeding System in Benin . Journal of Veterinary Advances, [S.l.], v. 6, n. 6, june 2016. ISSN 2251-7685. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 16 nov. 2018.
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