Prevalence of Haemoparasites of Small Ruminants in Lafia Nassarawa State: A Guinea Savannah Zone of Nigeria

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M. N. Opara A. Santali O. C. Jegede


Haemoparasites of small ruminants reduce their productivity and could lead to high mortality. Information on the prevalence of haemoparasites in small ruminants in Lafia, Guinea Savannah zone of Nigeria is scarce. Our study therefore aimed at determining the prevalence of haemoparasites of small ruminants in this area based on the parasite species, sex, age and breed. Seventy Two and 32 blood samples were collected over a time from goats (69.2%) and sheep (30.8%) respectively at the abattoir and examined for haemoparasites, using standard parasitological techniques. Overall, 21 (20.2%) of the small ruminants were infected with haemoparasites. Of these, haemoparasitic infections occurred in 23.61% and 12.5% of the goats and sheep examined. Anaplasma (13.5%), Babesia (4.8%) and Trypanosoma (1.9%) species were the commonest genera of haemoparasites observed in both goats and sheep. In the goats, 27.7% of the males were infected, while the haemoparasite infections occurred in 16% of the females. One (5.6%) and 3 (21.4%) of the male and female sheep respectively were infected. The prevalence of haemoparasites occurred more in the older goats and sheep, with the infection being higher in the adult goats (30.4%) than in the younger (11.5%) ones. Similarly, the infection was higher in the adult (18.2%) than in the younger sheep from which no infection was observed. According to the breeds of the goats, infections were more prevalent (26.2%) in the West African Dwarf (WAD), followed by the Kano Brown (21.7%) and Sahel (14.3%), while the prevalence rates were 40%, 9.1% and 6.3% in the Uda, Yankasa and Balami breeds of sheep respectively. The moderately high prevalence of haemoparasites recorded among small ruminants slaughtered for meat in Lafia, may suggest a preponderance of their vectors and therefore, calls for increased sustainable strategic measures of control.

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OPARA, M. N.; SANTALI, A.; JEGEDE, O. C.. Prevalence of Haemoparasites of Small Ruminants in Lafia Nassarawa State: A Guinea Savannah Zone of Nigeria. Journal of Veterinary Advances, [S.l.], v. 6, n. 6, june 2016. ISSN 2251-7685. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 16 nov. 2018.
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